Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take The Flats And Hand Washing Challenge

Just doing some random blog reading the other day.  It started as it usually does where I just googled some topics that interest me, and searched ‘family cloth’ (family cloth will be discussed another time), and I discovered this cloth diapering Mamma’s blog Dirty Diaper Laundry in particular I read with great interest this post Take The Flats and Handwashing Challenge I understand that money is tight for lots of people at the moment, but can you imagine my shock when I read the article that some families resort to reusing disposable diapers.  Could you imagine reusing a disposable diaper?  Could you imagine making a little baby sit in a dirty diaper one second longer than they need to, because money is that tight?  Just keeping diapers on babies is hard for some families.  I didn’t know this as my little guy is 10 years old, and hasn’t been in diapers for a long time.  So in reading Kim’s blog I was happy to read that she had a call for action.  That she had a challenge.  That she was trying to educate people that there are options.  You don’t have to use disposable diapers.  You don’t have to use a diaper service or pre-fold fabric diapers.  You can save money, and not have to keep buying disposables.  Please check out the link above to read about the Flats and Hand Washing Challenge May 23 – May 30.  I will not be able to 100% join in the challenge, but I will be doing my part, and hand washing a couple loads that week and hanging them to dry.  Kim has some great videos and resources to help get you all ready for that challenge.  The very least please check it out.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Time No Post

I was encourage, and supported by my Chris to keep my blog up to date.  He believes in me, and thinks I have a good blog on the go.  I have missed it, and not sure why I stopped posting.  I’m not sure how others do it all.  I see wonderful blogs where people are selling their creations, blogging, reviewing products, tweeting, working & still having time to be Moms create, be artistic as well as everything else they do.  Almost makes me jealous as they see to be much more organized than I.  So those of you who are creative & artistic as well as keep up an with an active blog what are some of your tips?  I mean I would love to do it all, but can I?
Recently I haven’t been very crafty lately just not feeling it.  I have fabric that I need to sew into hexagons.  I have a costume I bought second hand that I need to over haul.  There’s knitting I would like to do just haven’t been in the mood lately ~sigh.~
I’ve been dancing lots two classes a week one belly dance class and one Bollywood class.  I’m really enjoying them.  Our hafla (student showcase) is coming up in June and I’m looking forward to it.  Right now I’ll be doing 5 dances lol sounds like a lot, and I think my teacher might add another Bollywood one depending how fast we learn Jai Ho.  I need to be better with my practicing however.  Right now I need to drill my floor routines for Jai Ho…lol…it is looking like a hot mess.
Check out tomorrows post as I will have a uber ‘green’ challenge to share with everyone.