Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Going To Have A Massage Therapist Move

Fair warning I'm just going to complain.  So if you don't want to read complaining well you've been warned.  I just want to complain today.  Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to b*tch & complain.  Well today is my day.  So here I go:
~ Omg my shoulder & neck have been sooo sore for days.  It's caused from my cervical ribs i'm almost certain.  So I might have to check out more aggressive treatment.
~ That time of the month & well you know what that means PMS, food cravings, mood wings etc
~ Just being in pain for the past 4 days from above mentioned shoulder & neck pain is just draining.  Jeremy has been so sweet trying to massage my neck.  Saying Mommy I hope you feel better.
~ My place is untidy & i don't want to clean it ~bleh~
~ Still have to get Jeremy's Halloween Costume
~ Soooo very tired & that comes from the PMS & my shoulder pain just having a hard time getting comfortable.
I think I've complained enough.  I'm just going to have a massage therapist move in so that I & Chris can be massaged any time we need.  Hate food cravings I'm sitting here right now & I'd give my right arm for a Wor Wonton Soup or Hot & Sour Soup.  Yup so if you are near Wetaskiwin & can use an extra right am swing by with that soup & we'll make a deal.
There are so many other things I want to write about.  Like the use of to many products in the home, censorship, taking baby steps in cutting down on use of paper.  Did you know there are people out there who don't use toilet paper.  Well what do they use instead?  I'd also love to write more about crafting, knitting, quilting, photography (want to do more photography myself), art, painting (i need to paint more), thrifty christmas & my ideas for gifts.  These are things I want to delve into.  Instead I'm complaining, but that's where I am in my head space at the moment so I'm thinking I should honour that.  Or at least give it a voice & I'll return the regular scheduled posts when my complaining mood
Thanks for listening everyone.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ghost Hand Print Art ~ Update With Pics

Here is the craft project we did Friday (I posted about it here for instructions & such) of Ghost Hand Prints all hung up in their glory.  I love how they turned out.  I can hang them up each year :)
Here are our Ghosts:

Work & Cramps

What a morning so far.  I had this feeling when I woke up that I should try to stay home.  I wasn't in pain, but I had this feeling that cramps were coming my way.  YES that time of the month.  Then I gave myself a stern talking to, I wasn't sick, I wasn't in pain, & even during that entire lecture to myself in the back of my mind I was saying not in pain YET!!!  So I got myself ready & went to work.  Turned out to be a good idea as the Receptionist at Public Works called in sick so her phone is forwarded to mine ~sigh~  But now I do have I'm sitting in my chair at work with my little heater on (I'm always cold), plus I have a heating pad from a co-worker that I have on my tummy & I'm trying to not move to much.  Oh well it could be worse at least I'm not feeling sick to my stomach.  Just hope I'm not overly busy today at work so that I don't have to move around to much.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday & Ghostly Hand Prints

I hope everyone had a good weekend & is making their way through their Monday.  My weekend was pretty great.  Chris was off Friday, Saturday & Sunday which is ALWAYS a special treat. 
Chris came out to my place Friday night & we made home made tacos for supper which were yummy.  Then Chris, Jeremy & I made these fun Halloween Ghost Paintings you can see examples in the picture here
instructions at The Crafty Crow.  We had lots of fun doing this project.  We each did one I'll post pictures tomorrow.  I loved seeing each of our individual artistic style come out.
Saturday morning we at breakfast at the Millet Skillet a great little family owned restaurant in Millet, before we took Jeremy to Cub Camp.  Jeremy was all excited for camp.  Chris & I then headed to Edmonton as we were going to the Tartan Ball.  We love to get all dressed up.  I wore a new 'little black dress' & Chris a new suit & wow he looked sooooooo good.  The event was being held at the Polish Center & the food was good.  The music could have been better, but we still danced a little & had a good time.  We always have a good time together. 
Chris & I slept in Sunday took Chris' roommate Sherry out to breakfast then back to my place last night.  Have to see it was a good weekend of being busy & still having time to relax. 
Tonight I'm going to re-start Jeremy's scarf I think.  I should have added a border as it's rolling & I don't like that.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ETSY Shop Review ~ Antoniettes

I thought this was such a cute little shop on ETSY called Antoinettes Whims.  This shop sells beautiful vintage items.  My favorite item okay okay it's over $600 & as always my eyes are bigger than my budget, BUT this item is sooooo unique it's this Victorian Figural Cat Napkin Ring With Yellow Glass Eyes Silver Plated.

There are many other lovely, cute, fun, & unique items that you'll discover in this shop.  Vintage stuff is GREAT.  Except when I saw the 1983 Harley-Davidson Belt Buckle ummm 1983 is vintage omg what does that make I think I'll refer to myself as finely aged ;)

Some of the other fun items you can find at this shop:
~ Grecian/Roman Goddess Chalk Ware Cameo Wall Plaque  
~ Decorative Bird Cage
~ Vintage Boots & Shores

Well anyways check out Antoinettes Whims & let me know what you think.

Friday, October 22, 2010

'Never Thought We'd See This, Quilts Hanging On The Wall Called Artists'

'Never Thought We'd See This, Quilts Hanging On The Wall Called Artists' is a quote from a YouTube video on the Quits of Gees Bend.  I was just looking around YouTube the other day as I like to listen to interesting things while I'm at work.  I've listened to independent documentaries, news clips, history items, etc.  Well just a day or so ago I searched African American Quilts, and I discovered Gees Bend, and this video clip. 
Gees Bend is one of the poorest locations in the U.S.  I really enjoyed listening to these women talking about their quilts.  How they used just what they had on hand.  It's interesting that they never considered their quilts art, but just something 'used to keep warm.'  These quilts weren't just used on beds, they were also hung on the walls to keep the drafts out.  The quilts themselves are beautiful in the simplicity almost like looking at abstract modern art.  Just lovely.  I love the use of colour how they are done with just a few colours often one of the colours are bright.  These ladies are such inspiration of using what's on hand, reminding me how important it is to pass down quilting (and other hand crafts) & just the spirit to keep going on even when times are tough.
Thanks for

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing Jeremy The Dragon Fighting Ninja Warrior

I'm so excited to get to see how Jeremy's Fantasy Portrait turned out.   I got interested in Nijji J's art by seeing the digital portraits she has created of Belly Dancers & fell in love with it.  I then had the great idea of having a Fantasy Portrait done of my son.  I'd love to link to her site, but her site says it's suspended :( I was very happy to get an email from her with what Jeremy's portrait looks like.  Here's what she created, and I'm very happy with it.  Jeremy's favorite colour is red, he loves dragons, loves playing ninja & loves pretending he's a warrior.  I should have the original by Monday or Tuesday she said woo hoo.
Jeremy The Dragon Fighting Ninja Warrior
Keeping up with my pledge to make more meals from scratch last night it was crock pot meat loaf.  I see the crock pot becoming a good friend of mine while attempt to cook more from scratch.  Last night was cubs so when we got back I spent the evening busily making hexies for my quilt.  Have a bunch more to go in that department.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Package In Mail ~ Lizard Patches Are Cooool

I got a package in the mail the other day.  It was full of LOVELY 100% cotton 'scraps' from Carolyn at The Vegetarian Hunter see what FUN fabric she sent me.

There's monkeys having fun in paris, frogs, lizards which my son loved (see below), and some great prints.

Funny that fabric got me soooo going last night.  Jeremy and I went for a walk in the early evening & he kept his arm around me the entire walk.  How nice is that!!!  He's still cuddly thank goodness.  I'll be sad when that passes.  We then did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, play a little wii then Jeremy was off to bed and I got busy.  First thing I did was patch a pair of Jeremy's pants that I've been meaning to patch for a few weeks.  I was going to use a red fabric I had on hand as the before pic shows, but Jeremy took one look at the lizard fabric, and asked if I could use that to patch his pants with, and so I did here's the result. 



At the moment I'm without a sewing machine.  So this is what I do is:
~ darn the hole with thread
~ cut out fabric in this case around the lizard
~  Aleen's Fabric Glue which REALLY holds well put it on the wrong side of fabric & then place over the hole
~ let patch dry
~ with fabric puffy paint I go around the edges of the patch to keep the edges from fraying.

Works really well, and washes really well.  After I patch pants they just can't go into the dryer which is fine by me.

I didn't do a perfect job with the puffy paint, but I'm happy with it.  Jeremy LOVED it, and wore them today.  I'm lucky that he doesn't mind wearing patched jeans.

After patching Jeremy's jeans I then got working on hexies with the fun fabric Carolyn sent me.  I think I'm going to keep track of all the different places I get fabric from that are used in this quilt.  I'm also for the time being going to keep these hexies separate from the others until I finish some from all the different fabrics Carolyn sent so that I can take a picture of them all done up.  Can't wait for my other packages to arrive...woo hoo.

As a thank you I did send Carolyn two hand knitted dish cloths.  If you'd be interested in participating in a swap of fabric for dish cloths please let me know leave a comment & I'll get back to you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blogging Followers/Following

I'm writing this as I want to write something, but I'm just not in the head space to write anything
So I've been wondering this lately what draws you to follow a blog?  Me?  I like blogs & follow blogs for many reasons:
~ if they are funny
~ great pictures
~ talented artists doesn't matter what I follow digital artists, photographers, quilters, chefs, carvers, jewelry makers, knitters, crafters the list goes on...
~ if they have a green/fugual slant
~ or if they just strike me on that day...
I do find one thing I don't care for is music on blogs which I know is very strange.  I think it has to do with the fact that I'm listening to the radio, my own music, or a political clip on youtube & find music from a blog distracts me.
So what draws you to a blog to follow?
I'm feeling anxious & worried the love of my life Chris is feeling down & there is nothing I can do about it other than be there for him.  I wish I could do more in that regard to help him. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Yesterday afternoon I was rolling coin with Jeremy & I flipped to the Food Network.  Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food was coming on & I caught the first episode of a 4 episode series.  The show takes place in Rotherham, South Yorkshire where Jamie tried to inspire the residesnts to cook meals from scratch.  A concept that seems to be slowly falling by the wayside in our instant gratification society.  Jamie taught 8 non-cooks (& when I say non-cooks I mean NON-COOKS one delightful lady didn't even know what boiling water looked some recipes & then they had to teach two friends, who then had to teach two friends etc.  I was touched by one mother who had a beautiful little girl & she had never ever cooked a meal from scratch for her little girl EVER!  It made me feel very sad.  It was very exciting to see how this same mom at first was so excited & turned out to be a good cook.  I was also struck by how negative some people can be about Jamie's message.  I had heard that Jamie wasn't always liked over in England, but I've never understood why I am still confused about that.
So the show got me thinking which is a good thing.  How much do I actually cook for Jeremy from scratch?  I would say at least two times a week I do & that would be completely from scratch.  The rest of the week we eat leftovers as I'm often just cooking for two of us we do eat our share of leftovers.  Then one night of package fresh pasta & sauce.  At least one night we eat out.  Okay not the worst menu, but there is room for improvement. 

So I'm going to challenge myself to cook from scratch at least one more night a week.  Not every night just one more night & with leftovers that will mean I've covered 6 days of the week & only have had cook 3 times.  That's not to bad.  Sooooo are you up to join me for the challenge?  How often are you cooking form scratch?  Think seriously about increasing it by one day.  There are LOADS of easy recipes online that don't take much time Jamie's site offers some, but one of my favorite sites for fast meals is from Clover Leaf Take 5, recipes with 5 ingredients & 5 min prep time that are yummy.  I make the tuna curry in a hurry & Jeremy really likes it.  Just some ways to get you thinking of cooking more from scratch.  Let's pass down this important life lesson to our children, friends, family & loved ones.

Friday, October 15, 2010

No Longer Loved Thrift Store Veil Adopted

Last night at Belly Dance class (yes I Belly Dance) another dancer brought in a bunch of veils she doesn't use.  Susan is a fun lady to dance with, hang out with & she's a wonderful thrift store shopper.  MOST of her performance costumes, performance jewelry & practice attire she was able to get at thrift stores.  I think she goes to a different Value Village than me a magic one where all the ethnic clothing ends  I have been lucky in finding two veils at Value Village, but nothing like this BEAUTY
that I scored last night.  The picture doesn't do this veil justice the blue is much brighter & the copper/gold embroidery much more sparkly.  I felt bad for this veil it must have gotten separated from the rest of the pretty lenga or suit it originally was part of to have ended up at Value Village to begin with.  I'm lucky Susan saved it, but then it just sat in her closet poor veil.  However I'm happy that this pretty found it's way to me, & for the price of $4 I couldn't say no.  The class I'm taking right now is a veil class & the dance we are learning is perfect for showing off this beautiful veil.  Can't wait to enjoy many more hours dancing with this stunning veil.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Soooo Excited Dish Cloths For Fabric Seems To Be Working

So excited this morning when I was checking out the blogs that I follow to see this post at The Vegetarian Hunter first off it was lovely to see the beautiful quilt top she has finished, but then she also showed a pic of the fabric she's going to send me woo hoo.  Yes that's she's going to send ME!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm soooo excited.  I have the dish cloths that I knitted all ready to go with me so here's what I'm sending Carolyn. 
I can't wait to get that fabric & start making them into hexies for my 'I Have a Dream Quilt.'  I'll have to start stalking my mail box until the package arrives!!!
Thanks again Carolyn.  Anyone else interested in getting involved in the swap please check out this post on my blog & either leave me a comment or just email me.

Lack Of Creating

Last few days I really haven't been doing much creating & I hate that feeling.  Last night for example after swimming with Cubs I just didn't feel like working on any of my projects :(  I did read for a bit and I enjoyed that, but that's about all I did.  However going on like that I feel like I'm out of balance, and I hate that feeling.  So I think for me spending some time each day doing something creative, crafty or artsy adds balance, because when I get the charge of the muses to create it adds & feeds my soul for the next day. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Had The Blues & A Great Weekend

Back at work after a great weekend.  We just celebrated Thanksgiving up here in Canada.  Chris & I were lucky to get to enjoy two wonderful Thanksgiving Dinners with friends.  The only thing missing was Jeremy, but its good his Dad had him all weekend, but both Chris & I really missed him. 
Saturday night Chris & I went to Rusty Reed's House of Blues Chris' music taste are wonderfully varied.  He suggested we check out Rusty's bar to hear Jack Semple my knowledge of this artist was nil, but wow what a great evening we had.  The bar was packed with a great mix of people & Jack is amazing to listen to.  Some of the stuff he played I hadn't heard before, but he also did some covers like 'Mustang Sally' so I was of course up dancing to songs I knew & even songs I didn't  I just love to dance.  Chris & I had a great evening we danced, enjoyed each others company, plus we met another really nice couple.  It was nice to be able to get out for the evening, the music was great, but the company was priceless.

Friday, October 8, 2010

People In The Blogosphere Are Great ~ Mothers Always Worry

In my pathetic plea for fabric to add to my what I'm going to call 'I Have a Dream' hexagon quilt so far I have two wonderful fellow crafters & qulters offer their scraps.  How lucky am I?  I'm so excited (yes I'm a geek).  Please check out the blogs of these very generous ladies Karen at Bare Feet and a Free Spirit & Camille at Camille Creates.  I can't wait for these packages to come in the mail.  It's going to feel like Christmas morning getting these fantastic scraps.  I have some knitted dish cloths that I'll be sending each of these lovely ladies as a thank you. 
I'm a little worried my little man seems to be well not himself.  Last night he was saying he was tired, REALLY tired.  Then this morning he has a Pro-D Day & again was complaining about being really, REALLY tired saying all he wants to do is sleep.  I wonder what this is about growth spurt, coming down with something, something bothering him, just feeling lazy or could it be about his Dad.  He's been asking when he gets to see his Dad & miracles happened Mr. Special actually texted me yesterday that he'll be able to see Jeremy this weekend.  I told Jeremy & he seemed happy.  However lately Mr. Special seems to have a habit of seeing Jeremy for one night & then 'work calls.'  I'm not always convinced it's work.  So I'm wondering if Jeremy is feeling anxious possibly anticipating disappointment of only spending one night with his Dad.  I'm going to have to have a good talk with him about that.  If he's still this tired next week I'll have to get him into the Dr.  The worry about being a mother never

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Natural Cleaners ~ Fabric For Dish Cloths

Ever since I was a little girl I've been sensitive to harsh cleaners.  I remember being at my Grandma's after she had shampooed her carpets & not being able to go into the living room as I wouldn't be able to stop coughing.  At home it was different due to cost my Mom made most of her cleaners so she used more natural ingredients.  As an adult when I started working cleaning Hotel rooms I developed very bad allergic reaction to cleaners on my hands, this was very bad eczema that would weep, ooze & cause me a lot of pain.  It was in dealing with this very bad eczema I cut out as many commercial cleaners as I could.  I'm lucky in that my eczema on my hands has cleared totally right up, but I'm not going back.  I love my natural cleaners.  Yeah sure they cost less, but that's not the reason I use them, though it is a benefit.  I use them, because natural cleaners means fewer chemicals in my house.  I feel better using my natural cleaners due to Chris' asthma & allergies.  I have no problem asking Jeremy to spray down the kitchen counter, because what he's going to use isn't toxic or harmful.  Not to mention I believe they work just as well if not better than any commercial cleaner out there.  I also get a certain 'stick it to the man feeling' knowing that's something I don't HAVE to  I keep my cleaners very simple & easy to mix up, because who am I kidding for me it has to be simple or I won't do  Here are my very simple yet effective cleaners:
~ kitchen/general purpose cleaner ~ mixture of 50/50 water & white vinegar, two squirts of dish soap & about 10 drops of tea tree oil then put into spray bottle.
~ bath tub ~ just baking soda sprinkled onto a cloth & scrub works GREAT!
~ floors ~ very hot water, cup of vinegar & a squirt of dish soap
~ I also have norwex microfiber cloths that I love & work great on mirrors, but so does 50/50 water & vinegar
Let's Swap Your Scraps For Knitted Dish Cloths
I posted this yesterday Fabric for Dish Cloths please check it out. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Quilt Project Needs Your Help ~ Fabric, Scraps Recycled Fabric for Dish Cloths!!!

I'm in the process of making hexagons to put together a quilt top.  It's my dream to put together a quilt top something like this Water Colour Quilt that I'm in love with.  So to get the effect I want will require a lot of different fabrics.  I'm talking A LOT of  I also don't want to buy new fabric for this quilt.  I want to challenge myself, my brain & the creative process to re-use & re-purpose fabric.  So in keeping with that challenge I want to use fabric that I have on hand as well as upcycle sheets, pillow cases, clothes, that are the right fabric.  So I've been wondering how I can get a variety of fabric into my quilt top?  I'm going to frequent Thrift Stores of course & look for pillow cases, sheets & fabric. 
But then I had another idea, & I have to admit I think it's a brilliant idea.  I'll put the request out there to other crafters, quilters, recyclers, fabric artists etc.  So here is your mission of you chose to accept  I need fabric & for your fabric you will get hand knitted dish cloths.  This is my idea:
~ For about a Fat Quarter Size 18"x22" I'll send you two hand knitted dish cloths
~ If you think it's less than 18"x22" I'll send you one hand knitted dish cloth
~ Fabic Accepted:
   ~ any 100% cotton, or flannel
   ~ sheeting or pillow cases (washed  In the case of sheets I don't need the whole a
~ Condition:
   ~ scraps will work but please, nothing smaller than 2" x 2"
   ~ used is fine as long as it's been washed & as long as it's not to worn
~ Colours:
   ~ any colour & all colours needed
Please help me with my quilt & I'll send you great hand knitted dish cloths!!!!!!!!

If interested please email me via the email link in my profile & I'll get back to you.  Thanks everyone!!!!

I LOVE Unique Jewelry

I'm like a lot of women I do love jewelry, however I love unique jewelry.  I love hand made jewelry.  I love jewelry made by true artists.  I love my pieces to be a unique statement of me & my unique tastes.  I'm so lucky that Chris supports me in this.  Chris has bought me some beautiful pieces.  I have a necklace that Chris bought me at the Scottish Highland Games one summer, made by a potter.  I have a necklace that's very VERY special to me that Chris' cousin Kristine a very talented photographer & artist (from Vancouver) made me it's a silver choker with two needle felted balls that she gave me on my birthday.  Chris has another cousin that lives in Winnipeg her name is Hillary Druxman she's a wonderful jewelry designer & when Chris came home Monday he showed up at my place with a t-shrit for Jeremy & this BEAUTIFUL bracelet for me that his cousin Hillary has designed.  I love it.  This pic doesn't do it justice I just found it awkward to get a decent pic of it while wearing it. 
Thank you Chris I love my gift. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Here are the hexies I've made up to now using the english paper piecing method which is basting paper onto the wrong side of fabric.  These are made out of recycled pj's, sheets & pillow cases.  It is my goal for this quilt to be made out of all re-purposed fabric.  I have more that I've made, but I didn't include hexies made out of t-shirt jersey.  I'll save those for another project.  I'm anxious to start sewing some of the hexies together.  I know I don't want to do Grandma's Garden pattern.  I would like to do something like this water colour quilt   I think now after looking at that quilt again that I need to make more hexies before I start sewing them together.  Then I think the game plan will be to group them into colour groups then randomly sew the groups of colours together. 
What do you guys think?

Hand Knitted Dish Cloths

I gave these three beauties to a co-worker.  The pink one I love it's cotton self stripping yarn it looks so pretty knitted up.  I have only one complaint about this yarn is that the dye bleeds badly :( which makes me sad as I love my brightly coloured dish cloths.

Morning Affirmations/Rituals Revisited

I posted last week about wanting to add morning affirmations or rituals to my morning routine.  I wanted something where I took a few minutes before I start my day to make my intentions for the day known.  To put my intention for the day out there into the universe.  So it's been a few days & I have to say I find it actually makes a difference.  It doesn't take me very long.  Here's what I do it's very simple.  I light a candle & then repeat each of these statements three times:
      ~ Today will be a good day
      ~ I will be patient today
      ~ I will feed my body not my mood
After that I blow out the candle.  Simple right? 
There are benefits linked to doing affirmations.  I will list some benefits, but you can also check out the link above:
~ you use positive affirmations to direct your focus instead of negative self-talk
~ redirect your values
~ help formulate goals
~ conquer fears
Make sure your affirmations are self-developed, meaning they are ones you've come up with yourself that way they are more powerful, and will work better for you. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

All Crafty People HELLLPPPP!!!!!!!!

I'm working away on a hexagon quilt.  Well working away on making the hexies anyways.  I'm wanting this quilt to be a true reflection of a scrap quilt in keeping with the history of these quilts I'm using stuff I have on hand.  Right now I've used old flannel pajamas, old sheets, old pillow cases & fabric left over from making my belly dance bra.  I've also used an old t-shirt that is to big for me.  I have quilted before & when I was taught to quilt I was taught to use 100%, but in keeping with the history of these English Paper Piecing these would be made by whatever the quilter had on hand.  I'm wondering before I get to far into the project will adding cotton jersey type fabric affect the over all end result of the quilt?  I've been trying to find the answer online, but can't seem to.  Please all you crafty, artistic & handy people anyone have an answer for me?

Sweeten Your Bath or Shower With This Simple & Cheap Scrub

Brown Sugar scrubs are one of my most favorite things to do when I'm having a bath or shower.  I try to do this 2 - 3 times a week.  It's so simple & cheap.  I've seen recipes online like this one calling for brown sugar, salt  & oil .  You could do that.  I have tried similar scrubs & found that my brown sugar dissolved to quickly in the oil for my liking.  Maybe I just need to buy a coarser brown sugar for that, but I want this treatment to be simple & cheap so running out to buy 'special' sugar defeats the  So all I do is take about 2 - 3 table spoons of brown sugar in a container & then when I'm in my bath or shower I scoop out a little at a time & then just rub the brown sugar by itself all over.  I pay special attention to areas that get more dry like my feet & elbows.  I also make sure to pay special attention on my hands & my back.  My skin feels so smooth & soft after.  The brown sugar is a great exfloiator.  However I don't use this on my face as I feel the brown sugar is to rough for the delicate skin on the face.
Here are a few benefits of Body Scrubs:
~ remove all the dead skin off your body and expose a supple layer of younger skin, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated
~ great way to prep your sking for a self tanner
~ a nice treat to just make you feel good & relax a little especially if you do it while in the bath
Do you have any cheap tips that you use as beauty items?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Shop Review ~ From Portland With Love

I thought this was such a cute little shop on ETSY called From Portland With Love.  This shop sells beautiful hand crafted paper flowers.  My favorite item listed were these little petite flowers made out of vintage paper they are so cute & only measure 1.5" in diameter. 

I love that many of the items in this shop are upcycled or vintage paper.  What a great way to turn these papers into something beautiful.
Some of the other fun items you can find at this shop:
~ Wedding bouquets for that truly 'green' wedding.  
~ Christmas ornaments 
~ Pendants

Well anyways check out From Portland With Love & let me know what you think.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Morning Affirmations & Rituals

What are your morning affirmations & rituals?  I need something & I'm not sure how to begin.  Would like to start off the morning on a positive note, with my intent for the day being a focus, but I'm struggling how to get that into concrete ideas that can then become action.
Any pointers or tips would be a great help.

How Do I Put Something Into Words When I'm Not Sure Exactly What I'm Feeling

I'm out of sorts & all over the place today mentally & emotionally.  Actually it started last night & carried over into this morning.  I was rushing to get supper & homework done so that I could make it to belly dance class.  That just left me all frazzled.  I didn't sleep well so that added to my frazzled feeling.  My place is all cluttered at the moment & not in order so that doesn't help.  I feel grumpy & selfish.  I hate feeling selfish.  I hate feeling grumpy.  I also feel all raw & sensitive emotionally.  I don't get it I'm at the end of my moon cycle if I didn't know any better I'd say it was PMS, but PMS towards the end of my moon cycle?  I think part of it might be diet I know I've been eating to much sugar lately.  I also know I didn't wake up today making the choice today that today will be a good day.  I think I should have some sort of morning affirmation that I should do every day that includes that.  I just hate starting my day feeling out of sorts & being snappy just makes me feel toxic.
Well I can make the choice that the rest of the day will be better & that choice I'm making now.