Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hand Knitted Dish Cloths

I gave these three beauties to a co-worker.  The pink one I love it's cotton self stripping yarn it looks so pretty knitted up.  I have only one complaint about this yarn is that the dye bleeds badly :( which makes me sad as I love my brightly coloured dish cloths.


J.Moehring said...

Ooooo that's terrible! I don't knit, but I understand from sewing what it's like when you're fabric bleeds and loses it's amazing color. That would make me sad too. But I do love your dish cloths!!

Crunchy Diva said...

I love how hand knitted dish cloths work, but I wish the colour would last longer. However the bright pink seems to be the worst for colours bleeding/running that I've ever seen. The one I knitted for me I soaked in vinegar & salt that didn't seem to help much :(

Sarah said...

What beautiful cloths! My friend is going to make me some kitchen cloths made out of old T-shirts, but yours are so much prettier!