Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Had The Blues & A Great Weekend

Back at work after a great weekend.  We just celebrated Thanksgiving up here in Canada.  Chris & I were lucky to get to enjoy two wonderful Thanksgiving Dinners with friends.  The only thing missing was Jeremy, but its good his Dad had him all weekend, but both Chris & I really missed him. 
Saturday night Chris & I went to Rusty Reed's House of Blues Chris' music taste are wonderfully varied.  He suggested we check out Rusty's bar to hear Jack Semple my knowledge of this artist was nil, but wow what a great evening we had.  The bar was packed with a great mix of people & Jack is amazing to listen to.  Some of the stuff he played I hadn't heard before, but he also did some covers like 'Mustang Sally' so I was of course up dancing to songs I knew & even songs I didn't know...lol.  I just love to dance.  Chris & I had a great evening we danced, enjoyed each others company, plus we met another really nice couple.  It was nice to be able to get out for the evening, the music was great, but the company was priceless.


LC said...

Hi... you left a nice comment on my blog and I replied by email... but thot to check you out and now am curious. How did you happen upon my quilt blog??
btw, I live in Edmonton and used to live in Wetaskiwan many moons ago. The world is small!

Crunchy Diva said...

I was googling English Paper Piecing & found your blog & your stunning quilts. I'm blown away by your talent.