Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing Jeremy The Dragon Fighting Ninja Warrior

I'm so excited to get to see how Jeremy's Fantasy Portrait turned out.   I got interested in Nijji J's art by seeing the digital portraits she has created of Belly Dancers & fell in love with it.  I then had the great idea of having a Fantasy Portrait done of my son.  I'd love to link to her site, but her site says it's suspended :( I was very happy to get an email from her with what Jeremy's portrait looks like.  Here's what she created, and I'm very happy with it.  Jeremy's favorite colour is red, he loves dragons, loves playing ninja & loves pretending he's a warrior.  I should have the original by Monday or Tuesday she said woo hoo.
Jeremy The Dragon Fighting Ninja Warrior
Keeping up with my pledge to make more meals from scratch last night it was crock pot meat loaf.  I see the crock pot becoming a good friend of mine while attempt to cook more from scratch.  Last night was cubs so when we got back I spent the evening busily making hexies for my quilt.  Have a bunch more to go in that department.


karen said...

cool, I bet your son will love the picture! I completely forgot about sending you fabric, sorry! Ill send you an envelope with a few pieces as it is quite expensive to send to canada, no need to send me dish cloth as it might be more expensive to post, I just want to send them because I think it sounds fun to contribute to a far away quilt:) Ive got your adress so ill send them soon. Thanks for your kind words about my cardi and pregnancy vibesxo

Crunchy Diva said...

@ Karen Yeah I think jeremy will really like the picture. don't worry about the fabric even just one piece would be fine & of course I'll send you a dish cloth that's the point ;) as a thank you. I'm going to keep a log of everyone who sends fabric for the quilt & I'll do up a label listing all the different places. Thanks again Karen & no rush whenever you get the stuff in the mail is fine with me.