Friday, October 1, 2010

How Do I Put Something Into Words When I'm Not Sure Exactly What I'm Feeling

I'm out of sorts & all over the place today mentally & emotionally.  Actually it started last night & carried over into this morning.  I was rushing to get supper & homework done so that I could make it to belly dance class.  That just left me all frazzled.  I didn't sleep well so that added to my frazzled feeling.  My place is all cluttered at the moment & not in order so that doesn't help.  I feel grumpy & selfish.  I hate feeling selfish.  I hate feeling grumpy.  I also feel all raw & sensitive emotionally.  I don't get it I'm at the end of my moon cycle if I didn't know any better I'd say it was PMS, but PMS towards the end of my moon cycle?  I think part of it might be diet I know I've been eating to much sugar lately.  I also know I didn't wake up today making the choice today that today will be a good day.  I think I should have some sort of morning affirmation that I should do every day that includes that.  I just hate starting my day feeling out of sorts & being snappy just makes me feel toxic.
Well I can make the choice that the rest of the day will be better & that choice I'm making now.


Swell Papel said...

Morning affirmations are always so helpful to me. Good luck today and I hope things are looking bright and shiny for ya.

Beth said...

I definitely hope that the rest of the day is a smoother ride for you!

Andréann said...

we all goes through that at some point. You should see the state of my house!