Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Wishes, Spinning & Knitting

I can't believe my little man is 10.  Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday.  He's double didgits ~sniff sniff.~ When did he get so old.  We just did a very small celebration just Jeremy & I.  He's having a birthday party at the local pool on Saturday so he'll have fun there.  But last night was nice, we had chicken, rice & veggies for supper.  I bought small mini cupcakes & put a candle in it & sang Happy Birthday.  Jeremy isn't a big sweets eater so the little cupcakes were prefect.  Not to mention I'm getting a BIG cake for  He then opened his gift some TechDecks & an alarm clock something fun & something practical.  Then we were off to Cubs right after that.  I'm volunteering to be Cub leader this year & I have to confess at the moment I'm not overly enjoying, but I'm doing it for Jeremy as we have 20 kids in cubs & NEED 3 leaders.  I'm hoping as the season goes on the kids will get into a routine & settle down a little. 
I WISH I had better pics this morning, but I don't :(  I LOVE yummy, rich, beautiful pics, but I was in a rush so I just snapped.  Wish I was better with pics.  Anyways the the two purple dish cloths are for Chris' room mate.  I love knitted cotton dish cloths.  I find they work better & I just get satisfaction out of knitting them & then using them.  I have LOADS in my own personal stash.  My only complaint with them is that they don't hold their colour :( seeing as I'm always drawn to bright colours I do find they lose their colour a little to fast for me.  Other than that they are FANTASTIC.  Every morning I grab a clean dish cloth to use for the day & it's one that I MADE!  Makes me feel good.
That odd looking thing behind the dish cloths is my first experience of spinning my own fabric yarn.  It is slow going as I find my fingers get sore, but other than that it's so far pretty cool.  This is the first step after I get all the fabric spun I then have a second step which is plying. I can't wait to get to that step.  That will be interesting as I can then at that point be able to add interesting fibers I have some metallic thread & embroidery floss give it some depth & interest.  I'm going to try to do an hour a night spinning, but we'll see how sore my fingers get.

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Jacqueline Gikow said...

Congratulations on your son's birthday. It sounds like he had a great day.