Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yummy Pics, Stay Tuned

I love yummy, rich, delicious pics on blogs.  Not pic heavy, but pics that add to the blog & subject so in saying that over my lunch break i went home & took great pics of my rag knitted bath mat get back to work & didn't have the right cord to upload the pics to my work computer ~sigh~ part of this is because my home computer is so old that the usb drive doesn't work any more, but in my mind it is still functional meaning i can turn it on ~sigh~ stay turned i'll have the pics up tomorrow.  I really should get a new computer, but i find it hard to justify the cost. 
I also took a nice pic of all the fabric pieces draped over a chair that i plan on turning into fabric yarn so i'll post that one tomorrow too.

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