Saturday, September 25, 2010

Up Early

I LOVE getting up early.  I love that hour or so when the place is mine, and I can enjoy my coffee, read or maybe work on a project.  This morning I'm going to work on knitting a dish cloth.  I want to finish this so that I can give it along with another to my boyfriend's roommate.  Also I told a co-worker I'd knit her some as well. I rented Letters to Juliette last night, but didn't finish it I fell asleep.  So I'll watch it this morning.  I tried spinning last night, but my hand was sore.  So instead I started making hexagons.  For some reason I'm obsessed that each one won't be the exact same  They are fun to make, but going to take awhile I'm thinking.

Well I think coffee is ready so off I go mmmm coffee.

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