Friday, September 24, 2010

Product Review Cloth Mamma Pads

I LOVE buying stuff from ETSY.  I love the fact that you can buy handmade unique items.  I can buy supplies to work on my own creations & there are even vendors that sell vintage items.  Last year I tried running a shop myself, but I just found with my full-time job, being a single mom I didn't have the time to devote to it.  But seeing as I believe in buying handmade items, supporting smaller business, supporting women's businesses I decided that I will write about ETSY & shops that catch my attention. 

This morning I'm going to review, a great product & shop that I've actually used & have just made another purchase from Moms Crafts 4 U. Yes I use cloth  I first started using cloth pads about a year ago.  I wouldn’t be without my cloth pads now.  Veronica at Moms Crafts 4 U is awesome to deal with.  She offers fantastic colour choices.  Plus she has a wide variety of lengths.  She’s happy to do a custom order for you, for example Veronica is currently making me three 10” pads with PLU & I got to pick the fabric I wanted.  I love colour & love things to be bright & so my pads reflect that…lol.  Veronica offers lots of options she carries light pads/liners, medium/average pads, heavy/post-partum pads & variety packs.  If you are someone just new to cloth pads Veronica also offers great Starter Kits.    That’s not all Veronica sells she has cute key chains that she calls ‘Keypers,’ wallets/totes/bags, & of course wet bags. 

I’m really looking forward to getting my new pads (yes I’m a geek…lol) these will have the water proof barrier PLU which I’ve found that I need. 

Okay I’m going to try to do a quick FAQ about reusable cloth pads.  Keep in mind a lot of these suggestions are just what I do.  There’s many ways of cleaning & handling cloth pads.

Why cloth pads?
~ Well first off cost they are cheaper than buying disposable items.  I believe they are environmentally friendly.  Then there are all the chemicals & dioxins that go into producing disposable items that I don’t need to put in or near my body.  Plus disposable pads would rub & give me almost friction type burns OUCH…lol.

But wait cloth pads aren’t sterile.
~ No they are not.  But I have news for you, neither are the disposable ones…lol.  The commercial ones are white only because of the amount of chemicals used to produce them.

But you are using more water to wash them.
~ Not more than used to produce disposable ones, actually much less.

How do they feel when you are wearing them?
~ They feel great.  They are VERY comfortable.  Much better than disposable pads.  There’s no rubbing & I don’t get any skin reactions from the cloth ones.

Are they hard to clean?
~ Nope!  I rinse mine in cold water & then will wash by hand while I’m in the shower & hang to dry.  I’ll keep doing that during my cycle & then at the end of my cycle I’ll wash all the ‘clean’ pads when I do my regular laundry.

What about stains?
~ The ones from Moms Crafts 4 U are soooooo easy to keep stain free.  I think that’s because she uses cotton fabric.  I find my pads with cotton fleece take a little more effort to keep stain free, but some oxyclean takes care of that.

Do you just use cloth pads?
~ No I also use the Instead Cup, but this weekend I’m going to buy a Diva Cup.  I need both a cup & the pads it’s just the type of cycle I have ~shrug.~

I’m sure there are other questions/concerns I’m missing so if anyone has any please ask & I’ll answer as best I can.


Moms Crafts 4 U said...

Thank you again so much for writing this. :o) Love that you answered a lot of the questions that ladies commonly ask, very informative & a very well written post.

Crunchy Diva said...

you are so welcome!!!! glad you like the post took a lot of thought which i'm not used to wanted to be informational & not lecturing.

Sarah said...

I had read that Oxyclean will help get out stains, but I'm wondering if that will make the pads wear out any faster, or leave an irritating residue?