Sunday, September 26, 2010

Up Early With Coffee

Well here I am up early again this morning.  Woke up coughing ~sigh~ it's this darn cold I'm fighting.  But I'm up early with coffee...sooo yummy.  Yesterday the love of my life my boyfriend Chris flew away to Winnipeg with is Dad for close to two weeks.  They are going to spend the time at Victoria Beach which I've heard is lovely.  Chris' Dad is in his 70's & it's soooo nice they are spending this time together.  They are staying with old family friends & Chris' Dad is able to socialize which is something he doesn't do enough in Spruce Grove since his wife (Chris' Mom passed) a few years ago.  It's sad actually, because Rodger (Chris' Dad) is a fun vibrant man.  He has some mobility issues with bad knees, but other than doing stuff with his kids he doesn't get out much with friends.  Chris has told me he loved his wife so much, they were each others best friends & seeing how Rodger just stays some what secluded now I believe that.  I think doing stuff around Spruce Grove & Edmonton just to many fresh memories.  I hope they have a fun & safe trip.  I can't wait for Chris to come home.

Last night I did some knitting, and made some hexagons. I'm finding the making of the hexagons fun.  I will post pics later.  I'm just waiting for the right light.


Jacqueline Gikow said...

I'm so sorry you have a cold. It's an old wive's tale that drinking coffee and doing crafts is a cure for the common cold. ;-) best wishes

Crunchy Diva said...

Well in that case I'm on the path to a speedy i think more coffee & more crafts are in order!