Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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I feel sad, overwhelmed, not in control, and sorry for myself so this is all I'm going to say today.


Impera_Magna said...


Cindy said...

It will pass! And new followers always brighten my day! Thanks for stopping by Cute-Ecakes!


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Don't be sad. Actually, I feel sad and overwhelmed today as well. Weird, maybe its all this stupid wind!!
I hope you feel better soon.

Shelly said...

HUGS!! NO worries it will get better!!! Stopping by from the weekend FNF blog hop! Smile:) Talk to a friend it always helps!

Emily@VitaNostra said...

If it helps, I am 1000% with you today. Big hug to you... tomorrow is another day!

Rebecca (Soap Deli News Blog) said...

I think I was where you are now all last week. It does get better. It just sucks while you're living through it. Many hugs to you!

Meeling said...

We are all there from time to time...hang in there and tomorrow starts fresh!!

Sher said...

I hope by now you are feeling much better. Whatever this is, time will help. Think of all the blessings that you have. I'll bet there are more than you think.

Hang in there.

Crunchy Diva said...

awww thanks everyone. you guys are the best. i feel i need to edit what was going on today as my son sees my blog & my mood has a lot to do with his dad. so i don't really want to get into the details. you are all correct it will pass

@ carolyn ~ however i'm sure a lot of it has to do with the bloody wind...lol