Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clean Your Face With Oil

I wish I had perfect skin, but I don’t.  I tend to be on the oily side which as I’m getting older will work out to my benefit.  On the downside I still get breakouts I’m almost 41 years old, and still get the odd pimple.  So one day I was looking up the benefits of using Olive Oil on the skin, and imagine my surprise when I discovered The Oil Cleansing Method  Wow!  Wash my face with oil you’ve got to be kidding me.  But after more reading, and I saw how many people swore it didn’t leave their skin an oil slick, and they thought it was good I thought why not.  So I bought some castor oil to make my own oil cleanser.  That next morning I mixed up a mixture of 50/50 castor oil and olive oil massaged it all over my face, and then went in the shower.  At the end of my shower I used a wash cloth, and gently wiped off the oil.  I was completely shocked that when I got out of the shower dried off my face, and discovered that not only did it not feel like an oil slick it actually felt like I need more moisture….lol.  So I used my moisturizer with sunscreen.  However my skin did feel very soft and I noticed fewer blackheads.  I did adjust my mixture to add more olive oil so that I get the moisture I felt my skin needed.  I’ve been using this method for about two weeks now, and I keep asking Chris if my face feels softer and he says yes.
I find this such a great method in cleaning my face as I can customize my oil mixture just for me.  I know EXACTLY what’s in it.  I cut down on packaging and waste in that way.  More importantly for this Crunchy Diva to do it, it HAS to be simple, and this is VERY simple.


Shay said...

I've been doing this for about a year with a natural although commercially made cleasner. I have really dry skin and I've found it works a treat and is really good for removing makeup. Thanks for the recipe -it'll help me save a fortune!

Crunchy Diva said...

the nice thing is you can adjust your mixture to just your skin type the 50/50 was even to strong for my slightly oily skin. just know you can keep adjusting for your skin need more moisture? add more olive oil. if you need more clarifying add more castor oil. good luck! i'm sure your wallet will thank

Flora Loveday said...

Another great idea! Going to try this!