Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Love Music

We love to listen to music around the house.  It sure makes cleaning up go a lot faster.  I was thinking about how eclectic my, and Chris' music taste is, but also, because of our influence so is J Man's.  Just the other day these are some of the songs J Man who is 10 was rocking out to...lol:

Home For A Rest ~ Spirit of the West a Vancouver band. Yeah it is a drinking song don't judge me...lol...he could be listening to worst..lol

Jhoom Barabar

Gypsy Kings ~ Bamboleo

I love that J Man is so open to all kinds of music. Right now he also really likes Michael Jackson, and keeps saying he wishes he hadn't died....lol.


ColorSlut said...

We always have music playing in our house as well. I can't stand the sound of a tv just going in an empty room - but music filling a house is peaceful to me.

Crunchy Diva said...

yeah music is great!!

Tara said...

How can you not rock out to Spirit of the West!?