Monday, May 2, 2011


Well my little guy is home with an upset tummy :( hopefully he feels better soon.  I'm at the very least home for half the day from work.  I will use the time to tidy up some around here.  I'll also get my weight exercises done.

I've also been thinking about wanting to come up with some sort of blog schedule.  Just some sort of guide mostly for myself about what to write about each day.  Then I wonder is that to structured?  I currently do:

~ Wordless Wednesday
~ Plus i try to feature an Etsy shop on saturday but this past weekend i totally didn't

There are things I'm really passionate about.  That you can eco friendly & it can be done simply & you can still look great doing it.  That I have this large artistic/creative side that often gets pushed to the back burner for more 'important' things.  That buying homemade items from artisans is IMPORTANT hence my etsy addiction.  Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me & that includes eating real food, that tastes good that I made.  I'll have to keep spinning these thoughts around.  If anyone has any feedback how they organize their blog posts please share your ideas.  Or if you don't then what works for you?  There may be more posts on this subject coming

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ColorSlut said...

Hugs. Hope he feels better soon!