Friday, June 10, 2011

Some of My Life Lessons

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These are some of the things I've come to learn in my 41 years on this earth.  These are my lessons, some might be the same as yours, some might be different, but these are mine:
~ Some of the smartest people I know never went to University or a couple didn't even graduate Highschool.

~ I am the best mom that J Man could have.

~ The car someone drives does not dictate the kind of person they are.

~ Just because I do something in my own way, and own style doesn't make it wrong, doesn't make it right either.  It just makes it mine.

~ Scales may measure our weight, but they don't measure the size of someone's heart.

~ Everyone has value.  Even if you don't agree with them what they say still has value.

~ Gay Rights = Human Rights

~ I fail often.  I'm very thankful there is forgiveness.

~ Labels are limiting.

~ Stereotypes are for those insecure about themselves.

~ I make up my mind about people on how they treat me, my friends and loved ones.

~ It takes a stronger person to allow others to shine, and be themselves than it does to try control them.  This is something I'm still learning about.

~ If I act hut, it is because I feel hurt.  If I act wounded, it is because I feel wounded.  It isn't a game to me.

~ I cry.  I cry when I'm mad, hurt, angry, upset, happy, yup I'm a crier.

~ Money isn't everything.

~ To take pictures I have to look at the world in a different way.  I like looking at the world in that way.

~ I'm a 'lady' because of what I know not what I wear.

~ Boring women have perfect houses.

~ Every line on my face is where it is supposed to be.

~ Sometimes I put things off instead of doing them right away.
~ Unconventional is beautiful.
~ Cell phones can sometimes be annoying.
~ I will take things personally if someone is addressing personal stuff about me.  I'm not evolved enough to be coldly detached when discussing what others see as my personal flaws.
~ I'm not as fat as I imagine.  Yeah I don't always buy into this, but I try.
~ I try not to congratulate myself to much or berate myself to much too.  Though I do need to work harder on the berating part.
~ I dance.  Even if just in my living room.  Just dance.
~ I don't read beauty magazines as they make me feel ugly.  I do read magazines about Hollywood insider stuff oops my guilty pleasure.
~ I'm not a very patient
~ I have little time or room in my life for selfish people.
~ Religion and Faith are personal, and therefore it is important nay imperative to be respectful of what others believe even when different than mine.  It is when that belief is different than mine when it can be a challenge, but so worth the effort to be respectful.
I felt a great need to write, and post this today.  I don't know why, but I just felt moved to.  Do you have any life lessons you'd care share?


Ariel said...

Those are wonderful, thanks!!

Impera_Magna said...

You know you've had too much coffee if you can thread a sewing machine needle while it's running...

Linda said...

I think that after 61 years of living,I've learned that I never stop learning and changing my mind about things. Ideas that were very cut and dry at 30, don't seem so important anymore.
I've learned that the grumpy old check out clerk might have just had a personal tragedy.A smile and kind word from me might be the best thing that happens to him/her all day! The person on the street wearing that grimace might be living with a life threatening disease and could be in pain. My eye contact and smile might be comforting. Or sometimes the grumpy people around you are just grumpy. I will try to not let others dictate how I feel. Being kind starts with ME.
I've learned that "busy-ness" does not equal "business" and it's NOT a virtue.
I'll stop there. One thing I haven't learned yet is to keep my mouth shut. I'm still working on that one!!

Meeling said...

Nice post...and yes as we get a little older, we really do seem to come into who we really are. Stand up for what we believe in etc...

Happy Weekend to you!

Yellow Rose said...

I love this post. I'm 43 year in and I'm sure that there are still many more lessons for me to learn. One things that has taken me years to learn is that looks aren't everything. I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Thanks for sharing,