Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Done on Thursday ~ But With Words

Oh gees I have my days all backwards, but whatever I'll share this photo  This is how I often see my Chris, when he is in the photography zone!
I had a whole other picture picked out, and uploaded it to picnik this morning, but it seems to have  So I'll use this one of my Chris.  This was taken last summer.  Chris LOVES taking pictures, and he is a very talented photographer.  We spent a lot of time on this ship the Moyie that the City of Kaslo has restored.  I've posted many a pic on my blog from that boat.  This day was a photo date for us, we just enjoyed walking around the lovely old ship taking lots of pictures, and discovering things together.  I know this summer we will have many more days like this.



Linda said...

What fun! The landscape in the background looks gorgeous! What a great place to have a photo date!

Mum of Monsters said...

A photo date is such a great idea! I also love this picture and it looks like a very beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo!

Meeling said...

Love the photo date!